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you complete me bracelets

You Complete Me Relationship Bracelets

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Introducing: "You Complete Me" Relationship Bracelets!

Meaning: The "You Complete Me" Bracelets represent Relationships between two people.  As we all know Relationships between 2 people are one of the most important things in life we need to learn not to take for granted.  The definition of Relationship is: The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.  In Each order of the "You Complete me" Bracelet combo, you will receive two bracelets.  ONE Bracelet being Black and Blue, and ONE Bracelet being Black and Pink/Purple color.  Wear this with your significant other in reminder of how important your relationship is to each of you :)

1 wears blue 💙

1 wears purple 💜

One size fits all

Beads are 8mm in size, strung together with strong elastic

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Customer Reviews: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- "Absolutely love the product! Perfect for long distance relationships. The product doesn’t feel cheap or like it will break, high quality beads that will last a long time! The meaning behind the product is absolutely priceless is perfect for any couple!" - Jake R.

- "Bracelets are amazing. Beads are beautiful. I would so order again, came fast" - Amanda M.

- "I love these! My boyfriend and I have already started wearing them because we think they’re awesome. They are cute and quality bracelets. Love them!" - Jessie R. 

- "My boyfriend is in the Navy and I bought these for our first Christmas together, I haven’t sent him his yet but I certainly love mine" - Monica M.

- "Bought this for me and my boyfriend since he moved to FL. Its been almost 3 months, we both wear it everyday and mine has survived a couple hard tugs and its still in amazing shape!" Gabby M